Wednesday, June 13, 2012

King Snake

Spent a while observing this small king snake on the property.  It seemed to be digging a hole in the dirt with it's head.  Checked on that spot later and the hole was about 4" deep.  I've always heard that snakes don't dig holes.   Since this happened we have seen the snake again in the same spot, though rain had pretty much filled in it's hole.  We've also seen another much larger king snake, as well as a fat rattle snake, which was on our back steps.    


Unknown said...

Oooh -- very cool. Interesting about him digging w/ his head. I think snakes are such well-designed creatures and efficient, too. They get a bad rep sometimes. I was painting one day, heard a large commotion outside, and saw a raven attacking a rat snake; evidently, the rat snakes were known to slither up trees, raid the nests of big birds. sure enough, that snake did have a big egg and didn't want to let go of it! The raven kept swooping down, grabbing the snake and try to fly away, the snake would wriggle free and then they'd start all over again! The only time the snake let go of the egg was when the neighbor shooed it away with a rake! Such drama :)

Love your blog!

Amber said...

Neat pictures! It's always exciting to see a snake in nature.