Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hurry up and Wait for the Birds

My mission was photoing birds at one of my carved gourd birdfeeders... seemingly simple, right? The birds had been coming and going all morning, like my feeders were Grand Central Station. My bait was black oil sunflower seed, topped with chopped peanuts. Our tufted titmice love peanuts!

After about an hour of sitting quitely and still with camera poised, not one bird was to be seen. I then rigged this very crude blind with branches, vest and bedsheets. The vest arm opening was my window as I sat on a little stool within. After a while the birds started coming back.

My arms were mighty tired from holding the camera up in one position for so long, but I finally managed to get a few shots of a tufted titmouse at one of my gourd birdfeeders!

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