Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turtles, from Residents to Art!

We always see turtles at our place during the warm months. We have two ponds, and one of our favorite residents are mud turtles.  It's fun to feed them a little turtle food.  Sitting by the lily pond, it doesn't take long before a few turtles swim over for a handout. Here is a mud turtle that went for a walk, and may have been looking for a place to lay some eggs.

This is the first snapping turtle I've seen at our pond. It's a fairly good-sized one, about 15" long.  It was just outside the edge of the pond and I ran to get my camera. Just a few shots and it quickly slipped back into the water. I wasn't going to argue with it!

I love turtles of all kinds and take inspiration from them. Here's my most recent Turtle Box. The turtle is hand drawn and woodburned (pyroengraved) on one of my own organically grown gourds.

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