Thursday, October 14, 2010

Natural Selections for Gifts

These beautiful and yummy items were selected because they all contain or represent natural elements: bark, acorns, shell, stone, flax, leather, and organic ingredients.  Enjoy these and consider if there's someone in your life who would be the perfect match for one of them! Click on the captions to go to the item page.

Native American Style Bark Pouch, by PurpleToedGypsy
Acorns Colors of Fall Original Water Color, by TheJoyofColor

The Hiker- Wee Chunky Book- Handmade Blank Book, by WeeBindery
Abalone and Crystal Earrings- Peacock, by FuchsiaBloomStudio
Coffee Butter Sugar Scrub, by SweetSallysSoaps
Baked Apple Granola- All Natural- Preservative Free, by Nikid

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"O" is for October

October is my favorite month! It means breezy cool days and beautiful fall leaf displays.  All creatures are preparing for the winter months ahead, and that includes us. These fall-abulous gifts reflect the season, and I've chosen to use them to spell out the great month of O-C-T-O-B-E-R !

"O" is for Owl and tree silhouette pillow, by Yellowbugboutique
"C" is for Cellphone Charm. Orange Hamsa, Polymer clay Handmade Accessories, by Efiwarsh
"T" is for Tiger Iron and Jewel-tone Crystal Necklace by Abacusbeadcreations

"B" is for Black long sleeves mini dress/tunic with beautiful golden metal belt, by Onor 

"E" is for Earrings - Copper Garden Stamped Circle Hoops Mixed Metal Accessory, by Lindenleafstudio
"R" is for Rust Stoneware Mug / Handmade Pottery Wheelthrown Clay, by Patspottery

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Egg Gourds as Home Decor

I've always been intrigued with the idea that gourds grow into so many interesting shapes.  One of my favorites are egg gourds, which I grow in my organic garden.  They can range from quite small, like Bantam eggs, to hen-sized or even goose-sized!  For me, it's not only the amazing shape that makes them appealing, but that they are a classic symbol of birth, life and renewal. 

These painted egg gourds make a versatile centerpiece that will fit with a variety of decorating styles. 

Display in a shallow glass or pottery dish or tray on a coffee or dining table, in a brandy snifter or in a basket mixed in with potpourri.  They are fun additions to wreaths and floral arrangements, or make into ornaments. For entertaining, nestle in a cloth napkin and add to place settings as elegant party favors.    How would you use them? 

Visit my Midnightcoiler shop for more gourd art, raw mini gourds and more. Looking for custom colors? Just contact me!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing my Love Bird series of Bird houses and Feeders

My new "Love Bird" bird houses and feeders make thoughtful wedding gifts for your favorite newlywed love birds or a loving couple celebrating an anniversary. (Special love bird poem enclosure card for newlyweds or anniversary (specify) sent with order on request!)

These organically grown, bird friendly items will give the birds a place to nest in the summer, roost in the winter, or feed during any season.  They help our feathered friends and give the gift of viewing enjoyment to the kind providers. 

They are also great as housewarming or holiday gifts, and just about for any other occasion.  Want a custom color combination? Contact me and lets talk about it.  

 Visit my Midnightcoiler shop for birdhouses, feeders, baskets, and other handmade items "of the earth!"