Friday, August 28, 2009

Tag, You're It Blog Award

My friend Sandie of ZaftigDelights was gifted with a blog award, and tagged me as one of the next 10 to receive it. Each person tagged is invited to give 10 facts about themselves and tag 10 other bloggers. I loved what Sandie wrote about herself in her blog and thought it would be fun to participate. So here goes:

1. I'm a second generation Italian American. My mom was born in the US, but dad was born in Italy. I grew up with Italian spoken all around me, but unfortunately only a few choice words stuck.

2. My husband and I met in a bar. Upon seeing me struggling with broken beads on my hat, his first words to me were, "May I be of some assistance?" He asked if he could follow me home, and it must have been fate that I didn't lose him after the red lights I ran to get rid of him. As they say, the rest is history.

3. I'm a founder and president of a 501c3 organization called the Natural Fibers Group. It's a specialized guild dedicated to preserving the tradition of collecting, processing and using natural plant fibers in basketry and art. We have members from all over the US and Canada who join to receive our newsletter and share information.

4. I was not raised with an appreciation for nature and the universe. I credit my husband for opening my eyes. Now we live on a secluded 75 acre property, surrounded by Weyerhaeuser forest land. Lots of wildlife around, including deer, bear, bobcat, coyote and fox.

5. In another life, long long ago, I worked at one time or another for the FBI as a fingerprint technician, the IRS in Internal Security, and ATF as a firearms tracer. Blaahhh.

6. As a kid, I drew very detailed pictures of pirate cats and dinosaur skeletons. I dreamed of going to Africa, finding buried treasure, and becoming a paleontologist.

7. My favorite film genre involves SUSPENSE! Dramas, mysteries, horror, adventures all qualify. Not to say that I don't appreciate other good movies.

8. At one time I owned my own landscape design business, specializing in blueprint design and consultation. It was a lot of fun working with clients, designing for them, and seeing the transformation when the work was completed by contractors. Working for myself was the best job I ever had-- loved my boss!

9. I used to be a 3-4 pack a day chain smoker. Happily, that habit stopped long ago.

10. When we lived in a suburban area, I used to play tennis every day. Back then I had a pretty powerful serve and a zinger of a forehand. What wonderful, fun exercise it was!

Well, there you go, 10 factual tidbits, for what they are worth. And now I'll pass this task, er, I mean award on to 10 other blog owners, to act upon or not, as they see fit!

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StudioCherie said...

I love #6. I bet you were a really fun kid! All of these tidbits are interesting. Ciao

Jaci said...

Hi Lynn, it was fun to get to know you a little better! I'm glad now I don't have a blog to get this award :)

Pamela Zimmerman said...

great facts...i would like to see a pirate cat!

Beads, Beads and more Beads said...

Lynn, what a fun read! Love how you and DH meet!! Very funny...and I am also glad I have no blog!!


My Mother's Garden said...

Love the unusual happily ever after story of you and you husband! How cool that you formed an organization to preserve the tradition of basketry, very admirable. Sounds like the land you live on must be's my dream to live out in the country at some point in my life.
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Great Info! But I’m having some trouble trying to load your blog. :)