Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pears Anyone?

The pear harvest continues. We had enough to share with friends, with enough left for several batches for the freezer and for canning. Still working on the canning.

Do you recognize this variety? I would love to know. The two trees we bought were labeled 'Moonglow', but they don't look like photos I've seen. The fruit can be huge, has a russet skin over green or yellow tones. Crisp but sweet flesh, medium graininess. They cook up great, better than canned pears from the store. They were starting to fall from the trees in late September and I've been harvesting several times through mid-October.


Carol said...

Lynn, I don't know, but the color and texture you describe make me think of the Asian pears that have a nice crisp snappy texture like a apple, but pear flavor.
Is it a new tree you planted? A volunteer?
They sound wonderful

Midnightcoiler said...

Hi Carol, These were new trees when we bought them, not from a nursery, but from a discount store.

They aren't Asian pears, I'm really pretty sure. We do have a mature Asian pear that was on the property when we bought it. Those things are 10x harder than these pears.

Waterrose said...

OH , my....I had forgotten about pear trees...now I miss them....they were all over our neighborhood, as well as apple trees. But, I have citrus trees now.